Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday, Dec. 15

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-Let's beat Craugh's Homeroom up there!
-Remember, "deal" people first in line!
-Make sure you're polite to the staff, and quiet during the show!
-WAMS announcements @ Homeroom this afternoon!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CORE 3 Wed. Dec. 13

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1. Agenda Reminders
~Done with Sci Fi IR?
~Sci Fi IR Assignment: Cheers and Jeers due Jan. 4 & 5 
~OSF Workshop Next Class
2. Sci Fi IR 
    OR Work on assignment
 3. Holiday Twilight Zone "Five Characters in Search of an Exit"

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

GOLD Tues. Dec. 12 & BLUE Wed. Dec. 13

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Actor's Workshop
Be Safe, Respectful & Responsible,
and Have Fun!

Monday, December 11, 2017

BLUE Mon. Dec. 11 & GOLD Thurs. Dec. 14

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1. Agenda Reminders
~Finish yer Sci Fi book
~Sci Fi Cheers and Jeers Assignment due Jan. 4 & 5
2. Work Time
    Finish Race to MLA
    Start Sci Fi Cheers & Jeers
    Daily Writing or other writing
    Other work - 3 LA assignments?
3."Twilight Zone" OR Continue working...

Daily Writing Prompt - start a piece of writing inspired by this photo...

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

BLUE Thurs. Dec. 7 & GOLD Fri. Dec. 8

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1. Agenda Reminders
~Finish Sci Fi Book by next Friday
~Shakespeare (OSF) Actor Workshops
   BLUE Wed. Dec. 13
   Core 3 Fri. Dec. 15
   GOLD Tues. Dec. 12
MLK Day Speech Opportunity
2. Daily Writing
3. Race to MLA Perfection
4. Continue writing OR reading OR work on IR Assignment 

p.s. Ms. Inada is expecting an important phone call today - thanks for your patience!

Race to MLA Perfection
  •    Choose a Daily Writing to type - six or more sentences, please, but no more than one page
  •    Open a Word Online document
  •    Use perfect MLA format & editing (blue handout)
  •    You may NOT print until you get the go-ahead from me (ie, it must be PERFECT
  •    Once you've turned it in, you should EITHER continue your writing OR read your Sci Fi book OR start a Sci Fi assignment

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

BLUE Tues. Dec. 5 & GOLD Wed. Dec. 6

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1. Agenda
~Finish IR SciFi by Dec. 15
2. Subject/Verb Predicate Exercises
3. Read SciFi Book / Monitor Comprehension

p.s. Ms. Inada is expecting a phone call today - thanks for your patience!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

BLUE Friday, Dec. 1 & GOLD Monday, Dec. 4

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1. Agenda Reminders
~Finish Sci Fi book by December 15th
2. IR Literary Text Analysis portfolio
3. Subject / Verb Predicate
    "Mr. Morton"
    Newspaper Subject / Verb Predicate Posters
    Subject / Verb Predicate Exercises

Newspaper Subject / Predicate Poster

-Look through the newspapers for headlines that contain subjects & verb predicates 
-Careful, not all headlines contain both!
-Gently cut out the headline, tape or glue it to the poster and neatly label it
-No poor taste headlines, please
-Make sure your table agrees about the headlines/labeling you do 
-Fill the poster!