Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BLUE Thurs. Feb. 16 & GOLD Fri. Feb 17

1. Agenda Reminders
~Got book?
~Graphic Organizer DUE 
~IR Book Assignment due today
2. Daily Writing (W)
3. Binder Organization & Check
4. IR Book Quiet Read & IR Assignment (R)

Daily Writing Prompt:
Imagine that you are having a conversation with a character from your book, or your book's author. Write this conversation as dialogue.
    "So, Mr. Dickens, " I said. "This book is pretty depressing. Why do you write about things that are so sad?"
     Mr. Dickens thought for a moment and then he said, "Well, Julie, the times I lived in were pretty sad. There were a lot of people suffering."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

BLUE Feb. 14 & GOLD Feb. 15


1. Agenda Reminders
~Read - finish book by Feb. 24
~Bring your IR book next class
~Reading Contest Letter Graphic Organizer due next class
2. Daily Writing (RW)
3. Cheating Letter Intros & Graphic Organizer (RTW)
4. Read quietly - do reading assignment (R)

Daily Writing:
Read the poem "Kindness" twice. In your writing today, tell what you think the poem is saying about kindness, and why you agree or not.

Friday, February 10, 2017

BLUE Fri. Feb. 10 & GOLD Mon. Feb. 13

1. Agenda Reminders
~Bring your IR book next class!!
2. Daily Writing (W) 
3. Reading Contest Chicanery
     Read "Reading Contest Chicanery"/Discuss (RTL)
     Get Roles and take notes for panel (RTL)
4. Panel Discussion & Notes (TL)

Daily Writing Prompt: 
(look at our Rules of Cheating & Sentence Frames handout)
Answer the questions, what is cheating, and when is it okay to cheat?
    -write an extended definition of cheating
   -use at least three rules
   -include examples either from scenarios or from your imagination
   -2/3 paragraphs  
   -Use 2 or more transitions ("for example" "however")

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

BLUE Wed. Feb 8 & GOLD Thurs. Feb 9

1. Agenda Reminders
   Read!! Finish book by Feb. 24th
   Scenarios DUE today!
2. Group Cheating Heart Rules
3. Proficiency Work
   CREVEX Paragraph In? Revise & Resubmit(P? N?)
   Perfect Paragraph In? Correct & Resubmit(P?N?)
   Intentional Conventions In? Revise  & resubmit(P?N?)
   Daily Writing (Go to today's blog, scroll down for prompt, type writing in lab - turn in)
   Advanced/Challenge Work

Daily Writing Prompt (type! MLA! turn in! use a semicolon or a colon!)

Monday, February 6, 2017

BLUE Mon. Feb. 6 & GOLD Tues. Feb. 7

1. Agenda Reminders
~Read your IR book
~Intentional Conventions???
~Finish Scenarios
2. Vocab Work (TW)
3. Cheating Heart
    Work on more scenarios in groups (TRW)
    Develop list of rules in groups (TW)
    Class set of rules

Thursday, February 2, 2017

BLUE Thurs. Feb. 2 & GOLD Fri. Feb. 3

1. Agenda
~Read IR by Feb. 24/essay
~CREVEX revise & resubmit?
~Intentional Conventions DUE
~Don't forget Adv. Assignments in writing and Intentional Conventions, and Challenge vocab!
2. Vocab Review w Q's
3. Cheating Heart Series of Lessons
    TV clip (R)
    Opinionnaire (RTW)
4. Semicolon & Colon Review if time...

Monday, January 30, 2017

BLUE Tues. Jan. 31 & GOLD Wed. Feb. 1

Image result for snail

1. Agenda Reminders
~CREVEX Paragraph? Resubmit if you got N (Use the rubric! Ask me!)
~Finish IR book by Feb. 24th (short essay due Mar. 2 TBA)
~Intentional Conventions Semicolon & Colon due next class
2. New Vocab Words (T)
3. "Those Three Wishes" & Daily Writing (RW)
4. Intentional Conventions w/Optional Challenge (W)

Daily Writing Prompt:
Write a back and forth dialogue between Melinda Alice and either the snail, her friend Fred, her math teacher, or her father. The dialogue should take place sometime after the last line of the story, and should explore how Melinda got herself into this situation.
Pay attention to dialogue format:

     "Hey, Melinda Alice," whispered Fred.
     "Oh, no," grimaced Melinda Alice, "that stupid snail made me late, and I forgot to study."