Friday, October 21, 2016

BLUE Friday, Oct. 21 & GOLD Monday, Oct. 22

1. Agenda Reminders
~Perfect Paragraph due now
~Read your book, every day
2. Vocabulary Notes
3. Mountain, Ocean, Analysis & Mood
   New Yorker Analysis


Monday, October 10, 2016

BLUE Wed. Oct. 12 & GOLD Thurs. Oct. 13

1. Agenda Reminders
~Character Profile due today!!
~Read on your own
~HW Perfect Paragraph II due next class
2. Daily Writing
3. Character Coffeehouse
4. Parts of Speech
    Grid - "Strange Bird" 
5. Start Perfect Paragraph II

Daily Writing

Without copying down this sentence, use imagery (five senses) to show details:   
The haunted house was terrifying.

BLUE Monday, Oct. 10 & GOLD Tuesday, Oct. 11

1. Agenda Reminders
~IR Project: Character Profile due next class!!
~Make sure your book is finished!
2. Character Profile Work Time OR Adventures in Sharepoint 
3. Discussion Deck/break
4. Parts of Speech Grid "Coyote"

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Friday, Oct. 7

Family Fun Center!!

Have a seat :)
I'll take roll and we'll get going!
We are Bus #2 with Altringer's Homeroom
We'll be back at 12:39

BLUE Thursday, Oct. 6

1. Agenda Reminders
~Perfect Paragraph due today
~Read your book every day!
2. Work Time for students with missing work/missing reading assessment
2.  Daily Writing & Group Extra Credit
3. Conventions Work: Abiding Apostrophes

 Daily Writing: Start a story here.

Monday, October 3, 2016

BLUE Tuesday, Oct. 4 & GOLD Wednesday, Oct. 5

Must a person face his/her fear in order to overcome it?

1. Agenda Reminders
~Finish IR book by Oct. 12!
~"This I Believe" poem due today, printed
~IR Project: Character Profile due Oct. 12/13
2. "This I Believe"
    Silent poetry carousel
3. First Reading Assessment
   Read story / multiple choice / text analysis parag
4. If you have time, read or work on Character,  Profile or other work or Daily Writing

Daily Writing - Use this image to start a story -- Maybe it begins with a description of the scene, or maybe it begins with a character in the scene...

Friday, September 30, 2016

BLUE Fri. Sept. 30 & GOLD Mon. Oct. 3

1. Agenda Reminders
~Finish IR Book by Oct. 12
~"This I Believe" Final Draft due next class, printed BEFORE class
~IR Project: Character Profile due Oct. 12/13
2. "This I Believe"
    Computer Lab for checklist/edits/printing?
3. Work Time
   Character Profile instructions - start a draft
   "This I Believe" extra credit/challenge - illuminated manuscript